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Dear Customer, since an early diagnosis is one of the cornerstones of the correct management of the SARS – CoV – 2 disease, we would like to describe some of the symptoms that, without being cause for alarm, might be deserving of a medical check. The management will be happy to ensure that medical attention is available to you.

Symptoms to pay attention at:

The main symptom is represented by fever, which can occur both with a slight rise (below 38°C – 100.4°F ) and with higher values, above 38 ° C.

Therefore, each feverish rise of temperature is deserving of attention, especially if associated with a dry cough, a feeling of pulmonary constriction or even mild respiratory fatigue.

An unusual feeling of tiredness is also a symptom to consider. Loss of taste and/or smell are also evocative symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 infection. Finally, in a lesser percentage of cases, the disease can occur with conjunctivitis or diarrhea.

While these symptoms are ascribable to numerous other pathologies, often trivial, in this epidemic phase it is important not to neglect their diagnostic significance in reference to SARS-CoV-2.

In full respect of your privacy, we guarantee our presence and our help, should you experience the listed symptoms.

Social Distancing

Although difficult and sometimes painful, social distancing is a behavioral measure as useful as washing hands and using masks. Respecting the minimum distance of
one meter in all phases of common life is necessary, as well as it is correct to avoid occasional close contact.

For this reason, restricted areas such as elevators have regulated access, as well
as any type of waiting for any type of service must respect the rule of distancing.

Respecting the distancing measures also serves to increase one’s level of attention and concentration compared to many usual gestures and behaviors, which could be potentially risky at the moment.

Cleaning and disinfection of hands

Washing your hands frequently and with hot water and soap or hydro-alcoholic solutions is the second key to prevention.

The hydroalcoholic solution is particularly effective in cancelling the pathogenic action of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and therefore its indirect transmission through the hands accidentally contaminated by respiratory secretions.

It is therefore important to wash your hands before handling commonly used devices, even if they are simple buttons or cash and coins, in order to protect others; washing them immediately after use has the purpose of protecting yourselves.

Disponsable Gloves

Vinyl gloves are a useful individual protection measure, although less effective than those previously explained. They serve to avoid contamination of the hands, but are not an alternative to washing them. They should be used for short periods if potentially highly contaminated materials are to be handled or for the preparation
of food or for the use of commonly used devices.

It should be noted that before and after wearing them, hands must be washed and that they must not be worn for a long time to carry out multiple activities in different working environments. They are simply tools that must be frequently changed and never recycled.

Masks and reasons for their use

The mask represents one of the cornerstones of prevention measures. Its fundamental role is to block the dispersion of droplets, which each person normally emits when speaking, sneezing or coughing etc. In this phase of circulation of a virus with potential airborne transmission from droplets, wearing the mask is a civic duty for each citizen, to help the whole community.

In fact, it prevents each of us from dispersing droplets into the environment. It serves as a defensive measure for ourselves and as a preventive measure towards our neighbors. Therefore, the staff member that welcomes you and follows your journey will have to wear a mask, to protect your health and his or her own. There are other types of masks, with greater filtering power (FP2).

They are mainly worn by healthcare personnel who take care of patients with diseases with high aerogenic transmissibility such as SARS – CoV – 2.

Hotel staff will be wearing this type of mask only when providing assistance to a patient with suspected / ascertained symptoms as well as by staff responsible for sanitizing the rooms occupied by a guest or patient with suspected or ascertained symptoly, safetyms.

Outside of these occurrences, the surgical mask is the best filter for efficacy, comfort and ultimately, safety.