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The Lagoon of Santa Gilla

Unique and Spectacular Scenery

Rich in history

The lagoon of Santa Gilla, also called the pond of Cagliari, is one of the most important wetlands in Europe. Santa Gilla has been inhabited since the Bronze Age and has undergone many changes throughout history. A crossroads of various peoples and cultures: the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians and the Romans from the 9th century BC. At the time of the Sardinian Kingdoms, it was known as Santa Igia and it was the capital of the Judicate of Cagliari, on the eastern shore of the lagoon.

A land to discover

Today, the lagoon is a protected area, designated as a Special Protection Area by the European Union, wetlands of international importance under the Ramsar Convention.

laguna santa gilla birdwatching


Passion and lifestyle

For young and adults

The lagoon of Santa Gilla, with its 15 thousand hectares of extension, is one of the major sites of national importance for birdwatching enthusiasts. Not only pink flamingos live and nest in the lagoon all year round, but also pink seagulls, herons, cormorants, avocets, ducks, coots, gray partridges and Italian knights.

Birdwatching does not only consist in observing bird species, but also in a sustainable tourism experience that allows young and old to observe them from our terrace while they live in their natural habitat, undisturbed. We take care of binoculars and snack, you enjoy the show.

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The Environmental Education and Sustainability Center of Capoterra (CEAS in italian) – Santa Gilla Lagoon is responsible for protecting and promoting the natural and cultural heritage of the territory of Capoterra with many dedicated activities especially on the Santa Gilla lagoon.

Among the many activities they carry out and which are also available to our guests, at Casa Spadaccino, they manage the Museo della Laguna (Mulag), built in an ancient Sardinian manor house that tells in its rooms, thanks to technology, an unusual journey inside the Santa Gilla Lagoon, during which you can experience and see these places from different points of view, even that of the flamingos!