The WWF Reserve of Southern Sardinia - Hotel Santa Gilla Capoterra
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Mount Arcosu

A WWF nature reserve in Southern Sardinia

Amazing nature

An oasis of mountains and woods of holm oaks and cork oaks, where the animal which is the symbol of the island wanders: the Sardinian deer. This is the breathtaking scenery of Mount Arcosu, a protected nature reserve owned by the WWF in the proximity of the Hotel Santa Gilla. With almost 4,000 hectares of extension, Mount Arcosu – which takes its name from its arch-like shape – is also one of the most important reliefs in Sulcis and one of the areas in Sardinian with the largest variety of animals and plants.

This area is a real paradise for nature lovers. A vast reserve with a huge number of paths, trekking and mountain-bike trails, routes designed to offer the most beautiful panoramas and admire the spectacle of the Mediterranean scrub.

monte arcosu riserva cervi

Activities & Excursions


Hotel Santa Gilla is a peaceful oasis in a very convenient location: close to the city of Cagliari and to the archaeological site of Nora; to the WWF OASIS of Mount Arcosu to the trail which leads to the golden beaches of Chia.