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The city of the sun

A window on the sea

Seen from the sea, in the Golfo degli Angeli, Cagliari looks almost like a “white Jerusalem”, as English writer David Herbert Lawrence described it in 1921 in his book ‘Sea and Sardinia’: the houses built on the edges of precipices, the Pisan towers, the bastions flooded with light, and then further down, the shining bright reflection on the salt ponds on a coast which is more than 14 km long. This is Karalis, the ancient name of an incredible city. A treasure of light and sea only 15 minutes away from the Hotel Santa Gilla.

Many interesting places to visit: the Necropolis of Tuvixeddu, the Roman Amphitheatre, the Byzantine Cathedral of San Saturnino, the Pisan towers, the Tower of the Elephant and that of San Pancrazio, and even signs of the Savoy rule with the Palazzo Regio. A history made of cultural influences and ancient religious cults, for example, the famous Sagra di Sant’Efisio in May and the celebrations of the Holy Week.

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Activities & Excursions


Hotel Santa Gilla is a peaceful oasis in a very convenient location: close to the city of Cagliari and to the archaeological site of Nora; to the WWF OASIS of Mount Arcosu to the trail which leads to the golden beaches of Chia.