The best beaches of South Sardinia - Hotel Santa Gilla Capoterra
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The Caribbean of Southeast Sardinia

Dunes and crystal-clear waters

At the Hotel Santa Gilla, you will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful marine reserves in Sardinia: the area of Domus de Maria. A real paradise with turquoise waters, golden sand dunes and Mediterranean scrub, the beautiful beaches of Chia and a lagoon renowned for its pink flamingos, ‘Sa genti arrubia’ in the Sardinian language.

It is conveniently located along state road No 195, making it easy to reach the stunning beaches of Southeast Sardinia: Su Giudeu, Cala Cipolla, Sa Colonia, and also, further ahead, the breathtaking beach of Tuerredda. Coves, the finest sand, limestone rocky spurs.

tuerredda chia sardegna

Activities & Excursions


Hotel Santa Gilla is a peaceful oasis in a very convenient location: close to the city of Cagliari and to the archaeological site of Nora; to the WWF OASIS of Mount Arcosu to the trail which leads to the golden beaches of Chia.